The Board

Career education is an important part of this programme and will give young people the opportunity to consider different options for their future.  Career education assists students to develop knowledge, attitudes and skills. This will help them to make informed decisions about their study and/or work options and enable them to participate effectively in working life.

Why Career Education?

  • The world of work is complex and dynamic.
  • The workplace environment has changed dramatically in the past few decades and rapid change is likely to remain a feature of the world of work.
  • Workers need not only technical and/or professional skills and competencies, but also require well-developed personal and social skills.
  • Technological changes demand that workers must either learn new skills or change occupations in order to remain competitive in the modern workplace.
  • Today’s students can expect to have at least one significant career change and several company changes during their working lives.
  • They may perhaps be involved in jobs or careers that do not yet exist.
  • Flexible and transferable skills are valued highly.
  • The concept of lifelong learning is important. Workers are required to refresh their knowledge and skills and often to acquire a base of new knowledge and skills in order to operate in the contemporary workplace and in the dynamic workplace of the future.